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Ming Cheng International (Hong Kong) Limited (Ming Cheng for short ) is a professional international trade corporation specializing global  FMCG marketing & distribution covering Asian Pacific area.
During more than a decade, Ming Cheng has established strategically bond with bundles of manufacturers around nearly 30 countries and regions, successfully importing and marketing their superior products into Chinese market. With Ming Cheng’s cooperation, Some brands from USA, Germany, Australia, India, etc got the gateway to immense Chinese market, even achieved amazing sale and won certain market share of China, maintaining a brilliant development in the future.
Ming Cheng located in Hong Kong comprises of three branches separately in Beijing and Shanghai. Among them, one is responsible for goods import, another for distribution, and still another for marketing and customers services.
Ming Cheng has great capacity by herself to import vast FMCG from foreign, then efficiently sell out via her own distribution channels throughout the whole China. Apart from this, it is pretty sophisticated for Ming Cheng to promote any foreign brand in Chinese counterpart industry, depending on her more-than-15-year professional experiences. That’s the reason why so many foreign companies chose Ming Cheng to be their good partners in Chinese business.
Meanwhile, being the permanent secretary of IHCEA (International Health Culture Exchange Association), Ming Cheng constantly devotes herself to traditional cultures exchange between China and others. So Ming Cheng says, we don’t only help overseas companies market their products in China, but also make friends and share cultural cognition with them. We are trying to make a living & commercial environment in harmony & peaceful. 

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